The Liebster Award: paying it forward

Paying it forward with the Liebster Award


With ten countries under our belts this year, and another five to go, we continue to discover more about the countries we visit through the food we eat and the people we meet.

While we continue to be #shitbackpackers, we have recently received recognition which implies we are not-so-shit bloggers. Hurrah. Totally chuffed to be nominated for the Liebster Award, an online award for newbie bloggers. No acceptance speech required for this one, but trust me, when the time comes, I’ll be ready (and Adam will be hiding in the shadows, rolling his eyes).

Thank you to JetSetSteph for nominating us for the Liebster Award. Steph was born and raised overseas, so travel has been in her blood since birth. She aims to travel to a new place every year, and shares her passion through her successful blog.

The Liebster Award is all about discovering new blogs, and the people behind them. To help you get to know us, JetSetSteph asked us ten questions. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did answering them.

1. How did you come up with your blog name?
We knew from the outset that, as well blogging, we wanted to create a recipe book from all the delicious local food we discovered while travelling, so our blog name had to be versatile. We like the word ‘taste’ as it can be interpreted both literally and figuratively. It helps that it works across all social channels effectively, too.

2. If you could only suggest one thing to do in your hometown, what would it be?
Even though neither of us were born there, these days we both consider London to be our hometown. Borough Market is one of our favourite places to explore of a weekend; fill up on yummy cheese, olives and bread before heading to a local pub overlooking the Thames.

3. What is the one thing you always take traveling with you?
Portable chargers! For both of us, our phones and iPads are extensions of ourselves so we need to make sure we have extra juice to hand when they run low.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
We both love London to bits, but Spain has a charm that we can’t resist. The food scene in Spain is also incredible, so that’s a big pull for us. One day we would love to live there, at least for a few months of the year.

5. What is the scariest thing you have experienced while traveling?
Touch wood, we have been incredibly lucky on our travels so far. I scare far more easily than Adam, but for both of us a treacherous bus ride back from Rainbow Mountain in Peru was enough to push us to breaking point. Bad driving, wet weather, and vertical drops – need I say more?!

6. What was your most spontaneous trip?
Definitely not this one! We’ve been planning our current trip for a long time, but there have been a few moments of spontaneity along the way. Well, as spontaneous as it gets when you are known as the ultimate plan master…

7. If you could only travel to one more place, where would it be?
We’d probably head back to South America and conquer Patagonia. There’s so much beauty to be discovered there and we barely scratched the surface. Why wouldn’t you want to go to the ‘end of the world’?

8. What is the one travel tip you would give to a new traveler?
Document your trip somehow; whether through daily photos, a journal or a blog. Capture moments, big and small, as the details fade fast and you’ll be grateful for them in the future.

9. Why did you decide to start a blog?
Have you ever returned for a trip and craved the taste of a new dish you discovered? We have, on many occasions, so by documenting some of the most delicious meals we (and you!) can recreate the taste of travel time and again. Food also provides fascinating insight into local life and culture, which we love to share through our blog.

10. Where was the last place you visited?
We have just returned from a week-long trip to the island of Flores, in Indonesia, where we saw Komodo Dragons, swam with Turtles and hiked 17 miles to see the famous coloured lakes of Mount Kelimutu. There’s so much more to Indonesia than just Bali.


About The Liebster Award
The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers to help introduce newcomers to a wider audience. “Liebster” means kindest in German, which is what this award is all about! The rules of the award include:

1. On your blog, thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
2.  Link back to the blogger that awarded you.
3. Upload the award to your blog. This can be done by writing a post about the award and uploading the award image in your sidebar.
4. Answer the questions you have been asked by your nominator in a blog post so we can get to know you better.
5. Nominate 5 blogs with less than 200 followers that you believe deserve to receive this award.
6. Notify the owners of those 5 blogs that you’ve nominated them so they can accept their award. Bloggers can be nominated more than once, giving their readers more chances to learn more about them.

Our Taste of Travel brings you stories and recipes from amazing places around the world. You can subscribe right here on the blog, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We are delighted to have received the Liebster Award, and it is with pleasure that we introduce you to the following blogs who are next in line:

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  1. Well done guys!! If I knew about these awards, I’d nominate you long time!!! Keep enjoying your travels!! Adam, grow a real beard!!!xx

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